ANAIKYA is a sanskrit word means "anek" means more than one or multiple, so our brand motto is to create bags which are useful in multiple ways and can be used as a different different bag.

By following this motto, we have launched our 1st bag in December 2016 with interchangeable flaps, by switching flaps you can change design of bags.

After that we have started making bags with use of fabrics and handcrafted work and leather plus hand-woven fabrics. our candy embroidered bags can be used as a waist bag and as a sling bags too. versatility is the key of our products we want to provide unique bags shopping experience to our clients.

Founder of Anaikya - Siddhi Fashion is MRS. Rina Patel, basically a pharmacist, but she has always kept in mind to do something different than the mainstream, she started her journey by creating a clothing brand in 2013 and had 60k clients across the india through facebook page called "apparels".

Anaikya has been born in 2016 December with few designer bags and finally she dived into manufacturing of her own designs.

Our Vision

  • Unique Products Brand Experience
  • Outstadning Quality and Service
  • Multiple Use of The Product
  • Sustanibility

Our Promise

  • Unique Design
  • Best Quality
  • Prompt Service

Our Mission

To Create Unique Products Which Can Be Used in A Multiple Way and Can Style in Many Ways !

What Our Customers Say